2013 Conference of the International Medical Geology Association (25–29 August 2013)

Paper No. 2
Presentation Time: 9:20 AM


DE CAPITANI Sr, Eduardo M., Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Campinas, PBox 6152, Campinas, 13083-970, FIGUEIREDO Sr, Bernardino R., Institute of Geosciences, University of Campinas, PBox 6152, Campinas, 13083-970 and SILVA, Cassio Roberto, Territorial Management Department, Geological Survey of Brazil, Rua da passagem, 07 apto. 1002 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, 22290030, Brazil, capitani@fcm.unicamp.br

Some of the IMGA Brazilian Chapter’s academic activities during 2012: Technical Session on Medical Geology, at the 46th B.G.C., held in Santos, São Paulo. Conveners: B.R. Figueiredo and T.F.C. Campos. Short Course on Medical Geology. Undergraduate Program on Geosciences – Federal University of Pernambuco, Nov 5-8, 2012. Instructors: Bernardino R. Figueiredo, UNICAMP/UFOPA, and E.M. De Capitani – Medical Doctor – UNICAMP.

Publications: Silva, C.R; Mello, E.F; De Almeida, C.N, 2012. A proposal for geological risk assessment on environmental health in mining areas. Rev Bras Geociências. 42(2):303-322 (in Portuguese). Di Giulio, G.M; Figueiredo, B.R; Ferreira, L.C; Macnaghten, P.; Mañay, N.; Dos Anjos, J.A, 2012. Participative Risk Communication as an important tool in Medical Geology studies. J Geocheml Explor, June. On line at:

http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/aip/03756742; Oliveira, P.L; Figueiredo, B.R; Cardoso, A.A, 2011. Atmospheric pollutants in São Paulo state, Brazil and effects on human health – a review. Geochemical Brasiliensis, 25(1). pdf on line at http://www.geobrasiliensis.org.br/ojs/index.php/geobrasiliensis/issue/current. Di Giulio, G.M. 2012, Risk, Environment and Health – a debate on risk communication and governance in contaminated areas. Annablume Publishing, FAPESP Ed., 390 p. (in Portuguese). Figueiredo, B.R; De Capitani, E.M; Dos Anjos, J.A; Luiz-Silva, W. (Eds). Chumbo, Ambiente e Saúde - o desafio do controle da exposição humana. 2012, Annablume Publishing, 300 p. (in Portuguese).

Research: National Research Program in Environmental Geochemistry and Medical Geology, carried out by the Brazilian Geological Service – CPRM. Between 2003 and March 2012 approximately 30,542 samples of surface water, drinking water, stream sediments, and soils in the states MG, MS, SP, GO, ES, RJ, PA, CE, PE, PB, SE and RR were collected for multielemental analysis, covering a land area of 2,540,000km2; that is 30% of Brazilian territory. Evaluation of exposure to arsenic in a population near an open pit gold mine in Brazil, coordinated by Zuleica Castilhos, from CETEM, with participation of Instituto Evandro Chagas, UFF, and Unicamp (represented by Eduardo M. De Capitani).

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