2014 GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia (19–22 October 2014)

Paper No. 305-12
Presentation Time: 11:45 AM


JOVANELLY, Tamie, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Berry College, 2277 Martha Berry Hwy, Mount Berry, GA 30149

This paper discusses how quick resource link (QRL) scan codes have been used as part of a geomorphology class project to raise geologic awareness on the college campus. This was achieved through the development of web pages attached to QRL’s that host written student descriptions of hallway landscape photography and voice recordings of the student’s reading their papers. The results of this paper are two-fold. First, the comparison of pre- and post-surveys of students’ in the geomorphology class (n=7) demonstrate that applying the use of technology to geology assignments can increase student enthusiasm. Second, through similar assessment, surveys of hallway passers-by (n=400) suggest that the QRL scan codes helped them to interpret the landscape photographs and increased their knowledge of geologic phenomena. Moreover, hidden counters on the webpages indicate that the students’ geology interpretation of the hallway photographs have reached approximately 25,000 passers-by. The advents of QRL scan codes have many applications beyond this assignment and can be a useful tool for geology educators.