Southeastern Section - 66th Annual Meeting - 2017

Paper No. 15-1
Presentation Time: 8:05 AM


HOULTON, Heather R., American Geosciences Institute, 4220 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302 and LAWLESS, Michael D., Draper Aden Associates, 2206 S. Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060,

AGI’s most recent publication “Status of the Geoscience Workforce 2016” illuminates today’s challenges of meeting increased workforce demand with too few qualified geoscientists to fill available positions. Producing enough graduates to meet this demand is a major challenge due to most geoscience departments and programs being at capacity. Though there is high demand for geoscientists, the competition is fierce and graduates often have trouble busting into the job market as often their expectations, preparation, and positioning of their skills is not tightly aligned to employer needs.

AGI’s “Preparing our Workforce (POW) Initiative” is a program dedicated to supporting students and recent graduates during their transition into geoscience careers. This talk will highlight some traditional and non-traditional geoscience occupations to help students start thinking differently about the job search. It will also emphasize the importance of integrating other interests and skills along with their geoscience training to build a meaningful career. In addition, this talk will address the importance of practicing networking and provide anecdotes and advice from non-academic geoscientists. This talk will be mostly discussion-based and introduce students to the tools they need to successfully find that first job after graduation.