Southeastern Section - 66th Annual Meeting - 2017

Paper No. 15-2
Presentation Time: 8:25 AM


KATH, Randy, University of West Georgia, 1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA 30118 and HENTHORNE, Robert, Immediate Past President (ASBOG), 14400 Ferguson Road, Valley Falls, KS 66088,

The mission of the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG®) is to serve as a connective link for the individual state geologic registration licensing boards for the planning and preparation of uniform procedures and the coordination of geologic protective measures for the general public. One of ASBOG®'s principal services is to develop standardized written examinations for determining qualifications of applicants seeking licensure as professional geologists. Examination candidates are provided with a copy of the Professional Geologists Candidate Handbook which delineates the format and content for the examinations.

ASBOG® administers the Fundamentals of Geology and Practice of Geology Examinations twice each year. The FG and PG examinations were developed to evaluate common knowledge and skills related to the practice of geology. The FG examination emphasizes knowledge and skills that are typically emphasized in undergraduate academic programs, and the PG examination emphasizes skills and knowledge acquired and expanded in a practice or job setting. Participating states administer each “closed-book” examination during a four-hour period. Both examinations are constructed using a four-option multiple choice form, and the FG and PG examinations contain approximately 140 and 110 items, respectively.

Both examinations are based on the results of periodic task analysis surveys that are designed to evaluate the current geologic practice. Task analysis surveys have been performed every five years since 1995 by collecting data from a random sampling of licensed geologists from each of the ASBOG® member states. The results of all five task analysis studies indicate a high degree of consistency in the practice of Geology throughout the US, thereby establishing a sound basis for the development of examinations that are fair to candidates from all regions of the country. Geologic tasks were rated by both practicing geologists and academicians in terms of the importance of the specific tasks to protection of the public, and the results of the survey were utilized to create test blueprints for both examinations that temporally and geographically reflect the practice of the profession. Established Content Domains for the FG and PG Test Blueprints are listed in the Candidate Handbook.